Natural Dry Eye Treatment and Natural Meibomian Gland treatment by Michael Lange OD, CNS

Patients are looking for a natural treatment for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction. I have worked with patients for over 20 years in the area of natural dry eye treatment with excellent results. Meibomian gland dysfunction is ultimately the reason the patient is symptomatic! When we clear up the meibomian glands then the lids become less red and swollen and the eyes become less dry. If both optometrists and ophthalmologists would take the time to educate their patients on these natural approaches to treating dry eyes we would have a much happier and healthier group of patients. However with huge cutbacks in medicare and very small reimbursements from HMOs doctors are seeing more patients and spending less time with each patients. The doctor will write a script for a drug and send you out the door. It takes time for the eye doctor to educate the patient on the natural dry eye treatment that is available. I have developed a simple quick 4 step article that will help both doctors and patients understand natural dry eye treatment and natural meibomian gland treatment . learn more at
go to this link for a more detailed article on natural dry eye treatment.

Michael Lange OD, CNS 9/28/2013

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