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Dry Eye Nutrition by Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist

Dr. Lange checking out the local organic fresh produce in Denmark for his Gluten-free paleo diet for dry eye patients.

Dr. Michael Lange at Napro Pharma Omega 3 factory in Norway

Dr. Michael Lange in omega 3 fish oil lab in Norway.

Dr. Michael Lange optometrist with Lange Eye Care discusses  Dry Eye Nutrition.  We are all plagued with dry eye symptomatology at some time in our life.  Eyes that feel sandy, gritty, burn , tear, itch, fluctuation in vision and recurrent infections can all be related to dry eyes.  Medications, age, poor diet, certain systemic diseases, ocular surgeries, contact lenses , particular job , hobbies and sports can all compound the problem of dry eyes.  First and foremost the typical American diet needs to be overhauled.  Most Americans are eating a diet that is caloric dense and nutrient depleted.  Most Americans are eating a pro inflammatory omega six diet that creates inflammation in the body that can lead to dry eye syndrome.  The quickest treatment for dry eyes is to use a good unpreserved artificial tear like oasis tears plus three to six times a day combined with good lid hygiene.  Warm compress to the eye for ten minutes three times a day while massaging the lid margins will help to break down the clogged Meibomian glands that will create a dry eye.  Lid scrubs once a day with occusoft lid scrubs before bed will also help to eliminate the bacterial and viral flora that clogs the Meibomian glands. The addition of a new preservative free lubricant called Retaine ten minutes after the oasis tears  will benefit the severe dry eyes.  The combination of oasis tears plus and retaine works well together to help replenish the compromised tear film in dry eye patients.  Both of these can be purchased at

Drinking half your body weight in ounces of filtered or spring water is necessary to insure the body isnt dehydrated according to Dr. Michael Lange optometrist with Lange Eye care in Ocala Florida. He also states to stay away from too much distilled or reverse osmosis water do to the lack of minerals and the high acidity of the water. Drink  bottled spring water or well water that has been purified with a carbon filter and uv system.   Dr. Lange states it is ok to drink a few cups of coffee and some new studies prove that small amounts of caffeine is actually good for dry eyes.  Two cups of coffee should be the max then substitute with a good organic non processed green tea. Coconut water is also a great way to hydrate naturally and gain some valuable electrolytes. Stay away from colorful sugary sports drinks do to the potential endocrine disruption tjhat may occur from the dyes .

Dr. Lange recommends patients try to adjust their diet significantly to try to curb the inflammatory response created by the typical pro inflammatory omega six diet.  He recommends patients go on a gluten-free, paleo organic diet.  Dr. Lange states that if patients would simply follow this diet as strictly as possible a good portion of dry eye related symptoms would resolve.  Patients will start to get down to their ideal body weight and their blood chemistries will start to improve.  Dr. Lange also recommends adding some specific nutrients to this dietary lifestyle adjustment.  Adding Triglyceride form Omega 3 in a ratio fo EPA 860 and DHA of 580 (Fortifeye Super Omega) daily combined with 6mg of astaxanthin, 4mg of lutein and a little zeaxanthin (fortifeye focus)  daily to this lifestyle dietary change will benefit dry tired eyes.  Patients must give this three to four months to fully kick in.  Many of these patients will also experience many other health benefits related to these supplements.  Some of these benefits include improved skin health, less fine lines and wrinkles in the face, improvement in cholesterol, triglycerides and c-reactive protein, improved muscle endurance and muscle recovery, sun protection to the skin and eyes and improved focusing and accomadation of the visual system.

Nutrition for dry eyes has become one of Dr. Michael Lange’s areas of passion and he is continuously involved ongoing research in this area. Dry eye nutrition is also an area that Optometrists and ophthalmologists are finally  starting to discuss with their patients do to the enormous amount of continuing education being taught in this area to these eye care providers.  If you have dry eyes and u live in Florida come to any of the Lange Eye Care locations to learn more about Dry eye nutrition.  go to  to  learn more on nutrition for dry eyes.,   and to  learn even more on nutrition for total body wellness go to

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