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Protect and improve eye and total body health with the new Fortifeye Focus



Dr Michael Lange discusses how the new Fortifeye Focus may benefit everyone.

Ever since the introduction of computers, tablets, smart phones and  led lighting we have seen a tremendous surge in patients complaining of eyes that feel wiped out, fatigued, tired and dry.  Clinically we are also seeing macula disease at much earlier ages.   This is not a coincidence, it may be related to the prolonged periods of time we are being exposed  to the high intensity visible spectrum or blue light in our indoor  environment.  This  blue light  becomes cumulative over time and may  cause potential damage to the eyes and entire body.   This combination is creating a syndrome called computer vision syndrome and also exposing the macula to damaging blue light.  Is there anything u can do short of living in a tent with no electricity?  Yes there are  two things I recommend to all of my patients these days to help protect them from the damaging man-made blue light that we come in contact with daily.

  1.  Wear a good pair of glasses that have a blue light filtering monomer in the lens. I recommend a clear lens called Blue Light Defense or a lens coming out soon called Blue Light Shield.  These lenses are totally clear and come in prescription or non prescription. learn more at
  2. Take a supplement called Fortifeye Focus once daily.

Fortifeye Focus is a small red and black soft gel  that has three carotenoids  lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin.  This soft gel is made from fish gelatin and contains  non gmo olive oil to help with the absorption of the 3 carotenoids.  There are numerous studies that have been published proving the ocular health and total health benefits of lutein, zeaxanthin isomers and astaxanthin.  Fortifeye Focus is the first in the industry to use the combination of lutein, zeaxantin isomers and astaxanthin in therapeutic dosage in a fish gelatin. Doctors all over the world are recommending this supplement to their patients.

Fortifeye Focus is now using a 5:1 ratio of lutein and zeaxanthin isomers that have been extensively studied.  Lutein combined with both zeaxanthin isomers (RR-and RS(meso)-zeaxanthin) have been utilized in this new formula.  Dr  Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins decided to switch the form of Lutein and zeaxanthin they were using in their Focus supplement to Lutemax 20/20 and award-winning carotenoid  ratio made by Omni Actives. The switch to this new ratio came as a result of the recent  LAMA studies.  LAMA I is complete and LAMA II near completion at this time.  These studies are the first to show the positive benefits of supplementing with all 3 macular carotenoids lutein, RR- and RS- zeaxanthin  at the exact ratios  being used by Fortifeye Focus. These studies support these positive benefits  on visual performance and brain functioning. Supplementing with these levels of carotenoids increased MPOD (macular pigment optical density) rapidly.  The increased MPOD helps to protect the macular from blue light damage and oxidative stress which may reduce the risk of macular degeneration.   Pending and  current ongoing studies may also show a link with improved sleep, improved skin health ,improve psychological well-being and lower cortisol levels with the exact ratios being used in Fortifeye Focus. “When combining these carotenoids with astaxanthin a synergy seems to occur that benefits the patients much more than when either is  used individually” states Dr Lange.

Astaxanthin has been used in this formula since its development  over five years ago.  Astaxanthin has numerous ocular and over all health benefits that have been studied extensively at 6mg.  Astaxanthin is one of the most potent anti oxidants and anti inflammatory nutrients  known to man.  This carotenoid improves blood flow to the eye and brain also crossing  the blood brain and blood retinal barrier making it the perfect nutrient to use in combination with Lutein and Zeaxanthin for support of the brain and the eye.  Numerous studies indicate astaxanthin  improves accommodative  ability of the eye reducing eye strain associated with near point stress. This super carotenoid helps to absorb the harmful  UV light protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Patients often times report less wrinkles in their face after supplementing with 6 mg of astaxanthin for 3 months. Studies indicate astaxanthin will lower inflammatory markers in the blood along with lowering the harmful cholesterol.  Many sports related studies are proving that astaxanthin improves muscle recovery and endurance.  Patients on a daily basis report many positive eye and overall health benefits after taking Fortifeye Focus for a few months. Some report positive benefits in as short as one week after supplementing daily.

Dr Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins are  continuously involved in ongoing research to enhance the Fortifeye line of supplements .  Dr Lange sees the effect life style changes, dietary modifications and proper supplementation can make on patients  ocular and overall health daily in clinical practice.  Fortifeye Focus is available at many eye care providers through out the world that carry Fortifeye Vitamins or you can order at  or call 866 503 9746

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Blue Light may be harmful to your eyes and your entire body

Blue light from the sun is good but blue light at night from artificial sources is bad!

Blue light from the sun is good but blue light at night from artificial sources is bad!

Dr Michael Lange founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates  and Fortifeye Vitamins discusses how Blue light may be harmful to the eyes and entire body.  11/12/14

The High energy visible ( HEV) spectrum from about 380-500 nm is the blue light. This blue light is very important to our health during the day time. This blue light is responsible for us being alert, full of energy and cognitively functioning well during the day. However when it gets dark blue light can hinder us.  Blue light is not only out doors it is found indoors as well.  Many of the day-to-day items that we use like television, computers, tablets , cell phones and indoor lighting  emit this blue light.  New University based studies  indicate Blue -Violet light exposure in the evening  may cause  suppression of melatonin. Melatonin is an antioxidant responsible for a good nights sleep and good health.  When melatonin levels drop our biological clock ( circadian rhythm) is interfered with.   Theses lower levels of melatonin may cause sleep deprivation and other health issues.   It is crucial that we minimize our exposure to blue- violoet  light at night-time. How can we do this? well  simply by  adopting a rule of no tv, tablets , computer, smart phone three hours before bed will help dramatically. However realistically this may not work.  Another great option is to wear glasses that filter the blue light. “Blue light defense ” is becoming  the buzz word among eye care providers.   Many blue filtering lenses are now available that you can wear in the evening when you are working on the computer or watching television.  Dr Michael Lange says talk with your local optometrist to see which particular blue filtering lens is best for you.  Many companies now manufacture blue filtering lenses that can be purchased through a local optical. Dr Lange recommends a brand new  almost completely clear blue filtering lens in all Lange Eye Care locations called Blue Light Defense.  .  Dr  Michael Lange also recommends  eating more foods that are high in two carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.  These carotenoids are found in spinach , orange bell peppers and gogi berries.   There are also many supplements on the market that contain these nutrients along with many other beneficial nutrients.  Dr Lange has developed a supplement called Fortifeye Focus  that contains a mixture of astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin.  This formula was developed to give the nutrients necessary to decrease focusing strain while on the computer and  help absorb the harmful blue light .    Dr Lange recommends everyone at any age wear blue filtering lenses especially at night and eat plenty of  dark green leafy vegetables and orange bell peppers.  If you cant eat these frequently then he recommends supplementing with the Fortifeye Focus or Fortifeye Focus for kids ( coming July 2015) or a similar brand.  Fortifeye Focus Chewie ( for kids and adults) is all non gmo natural delicious chewie containing  lutein, zeaxanthin isomers and astaxanthin.    Learn more  at , or  to learn more about the latest blue filterning lens called Blue Light Defense go to

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Natural Treatment for Blepharitis by Dr Michael Lange

Natural Treatment for blepharitis by Dr Michael Lange


inflamed lid margins from blepharitis

inflamed lid margins from blepharitis

Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the eye lid margins.  Dr Michael Lange says this condition can be very mild and symptomless or marked with severe symptoms.  Belpharitis is a combination of scaley, flakey, red , swollen, crusty,  greasy eye lids.  Patients with blepharitis are more likely to experience eyes that burn, tear, feel sandy and gritty these patents often times wake up in the am with their eyes matted together. Blepharitis also increases the risk of a sty or chalazion forming on the lid margins. Many of these patients will also loose lashes along the lid margins.

There are three basic types of blepharitis. 1. Bacterail,  2. Seborrheic   3. Demodex ( Mites).

Natural treatment for blepharitis consists of proper lid hygiene. Scrubbing the eye lashes extremely well before bed time with occusoft foam will reduce the cause in most cases however a certain percent of patients will have demodex ( mites) on their lashes and will need to use a diluted solution of tea tree oil applied to lid margins or will need to use Cliradex a commercially prepared wipe with the components  of tea tree oil in it already.  The eye lid margins must first be heated well with a warm wash cloth or use the Bruder mask ( mask developed to heat the lids) , then clean lashes well with occusoft scrubbing foam and rinse well. Prior to bed wipe the cleaned lids with Cliradex wipes and do not wash off. The Cliradex will kill the demodex mites that are laying eggs in the hair follicles and creating a marked case of blepharitis..  So heating and cleaning the lid margins is the most important step at treating blepharitits.  When the heat is being applied to the lid margins gently massage the lid margins to help open the potentially blocked Meibomian glands along the lid margins.

cliradex for blepharitis, if in doubt use Cliradex

cliradex for blepharitis, if in doubt use Cliradex

Dr Michael Lange uses Fortifeye super omega two times a day orally in his patients to help reduce the inflammation associated with blepharitis. He states this is a crucial step in the natural treatment of blepharitis. The Fortifeye Super Omega ( or a triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil with approx. Epa 900 and Dha 600) will get into the Meibomian glands and help to produce a much clearer healthier tear film and this will reduce the dry eyes associated with blepharitis.  The anti inflammatory properties associated with the Fortifeye Super Omega will also reduce the eye lid inflammation and redness. Dr Lange also likes to add 6 mg of astaxanthin along with some lutein and zeaxanthin in moderate to marked cases of blepharitis for the additional anti inflammatory properties when used together with omega 3.  He uses an astaxnathin, lutein product he developed called Fortifeye Focus combined with two Fortifeye Super  omega for most of his moderate to marked blepharitis cases.

Fortifeye Focus helps inflamed lid margins.

Fortifeye Focus helps inflamed lid margins.

Fortifeye Super Omega for blepharitis

Fortifeye Super Omega for blepharitis

Most of the blepharitis patients will have a dry eye as well so using a good unpreserved artificial tear if very important. Most of the artificial tears purchased over the counter do not work well however. Dr Lange recommends using a preservative free lubricating eye drop that has hyluranic acid in it like Oasis Tears Plus or Blink tears. These both work quite well in dry eye patients with blepharitits. In the more advanced dry eye patients he recommends using one of those two (blink or Oasis) combined with Retaine tears. Retaine replaces the outer lipid layer of the tear film that may be compromised in blepharitis patients.

great for dry eye associated with blepharitis.

great for dry eye associated with blepharitis.

In summary the natural treatment of  Blepharitis is Heating the lids, cleaning the lids and utilizing the nutritional benefits of Omega 3 fish oil and astaxanthin. Treating the symptoms with good unpreserved lubricating eye drops. Blepharitis is a chronic problem and patinets will need to follow these instructions daily for one month then maybe cut back to lid hygiene and heat every three days but continue taking the omega 3 and astaxanthin indefinitely.  If you have blepharitis go to your eye care provider for continued follow up care.   You can purchase the items discussed from your local eye care provider or  go to  . call 866 503 9746.  You may also come to any od the 10 Lange Eye Care locations in Florida for  Natural treatment of blepharitis.

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Michael Lange OD talks about Natural Treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eyes.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.


Michael Lange OD talks about Natural treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis and dry eyes.  Most ODs and MDs are prescribing oral and topical antibiotics for meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis. Is this really necessary? Oral and even topical antibiotics have potential unwanted side effects especially if used often.  I have had tremendous success using a combination of  Natural treatments to help eliminate almost all signs and symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis and dry eyes.  Patients appreciate the natural approach to helping them with their condition. If done properly this is extremely effective. Doctors will have to explain to the patients  these procedures in some detail to be effective against their meibomian gland dysfunction  and dry eyes.   If we clear the glands then the glands will secrete a healthy tear film and the dry eyes will go away.  All that is needed is a Brueder mask or hot compress of some type, Fortifeye Super Omega, Fortifeye Focus, a good unpreserved artificial tear  (oasis tears plus, retaine or Blinks) , hydration,  great lid hygiene and proper diet.  To get more detailed information of natural treatments for dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction   go to this link

Michael Lange OD, CNS


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Step by Step Dry Eye Nutrition by Michael Lange Optometrist and nutrition specialist with Lange Eye Care.

Here is a step by step  protocol developed by Dr. Michael Lange that will help the majority of dry eye patients if followed.

1. Follow an Organic , Paleo Gluten free diet.  This is an anti inflammatory diet that will help dry eye conditions.

2. Take Fortifeye Super Omega 2 times a day if under 240 lbs and 3-4 times a day if over 240 lbs.

3.  Drink half your body weight in ounces of spring water or good well water. Do not drink reverse osmosis or distilled water  due to high acidity and low mineral content. Drink 2 glasses of coconut water a day.

4.  Take one Fortifeye Focus gel cap.

5.  Take Fortifeye Complete Once Daily if weight is 160 or less, Take Fortifeye Complete Plus if weight is between 160-240, Take Fortifeye Complete macular Defense if weight is over 240 lbs.

6.  Use Cinnamon and curcumin/ turmeric as spices on foods.

7.  Hot compresses 3 times a day for 10 minutes while massaging the lids. My favorite is the bruder mask two to three times a day instead of hot compresses. Bruder mask is $25 and last 10 years.

8.  Use Oasis tears plus or blink preservative free in alternation with Retaine lubricating eye drops four to eight times a day depending on severity.

9.  Remember to blink plenty of times a day especially while working on the computer. Dry eye symptoms worsen when blink reflex is lessened.

10.  Turn off ceiling fan while sleeping at night or wear a sleep mask. Wear good wrap sunglasses while in the wind and sun like oakley, costa del mar, wiley x or mau jim.

11.  one last nutrient that can be added to the extreme dry eye cases is GLA from black currant seed oil at 140-160 mg a day.

12.  Proper lid hygiene is crucial for  dry eye treatment.  Scrub eye lashes well with a lid scrub foam (occusoft) 1-2 times a day , am and pm. If u have really inflamed crusty lid margins then I recommend using Clearidex lid scrub pads.

Michael Lange Optometrist and nutrition specialist says to follow the advise of your optometrist or ophthalmologist when it comes to dry eye treatment.  The information in the article is to be used as educational info and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam and dry eye workup.  There are prescription medications and procedures that can be done to help alleviate dry eye as well.  Dr. Michael Lange has  been using proper nutrition and natural approaches to help his patients since 1992 with considerable  success.  Go to Dr. Langes pinterest site on dry eye to learn more.
Anything discussed in article can be purchased at or discuss with your eye care provider.

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Michael Lange Optometrist states Blutech lens is important for everyone


Dr. Michael Lange optometrist and certified nutrition specialist says “see better today with lens of tomorrow”, Blutech lenses!

The new Blutech lens is a must for everyone at any age. It is extremely important to filter the harmful blue light that is emitted out doors from the sun and indoors from many forms of lighting, computers, I pads, cell phones etc…  New science suggests that the blue light may be partially responsible for degeneration of the macula.  This blue filtering lens is great for young and old. Perfect for the person that spends a lot of time on the computer. This will block much of the glare, increase contrast and protect the eye from the potential harmful blue light .  Filtering the blue light at night while on the computer will also allow the pineal gland to do its job at secreting the necessary chemicals like serotonin and melatonin allowing you to get sleepy. Many that are on a computer for long hours at night have difficulty sleeping. the blue light tricks the brain in to thinking you are out doors in the sunlight and not to get tired.   Many optometrists and ophthalmologists are recommending wearing blue filtering lenses after having cataract surgery to help prevent the macular degenerative changes that can occur secondarily to the blue light exposure to the retina after the human  lens (cataract) has been removed.  When the cataract is removed , the natural blue filtering properties of the human lens are also removed.  This may predispose the patient to develop macular damage from this blue light exposure. I also think it is a good idea for very young children to wear the blue tech  lens as well. Much of the damage to our eyes may be do to uv and blue light exposure as a child. Bottom line is everyone can benefit from these Blue tech lenses at any age. There are many blue blocking lenses on the market that alter colors and are darkly pigmented with either orange, yellow or amber/brown.  Those are good at blocking and filtering the blue light.  The blutech lens is however the first virtually clear lens that filters the blue light, so this lens is great for your every day  pair of glasses and great for your computer and night-time lenses.  Dr. Michael Lange recommends patients that are predisposed to macular degeneration should all wear the blu tech lens and also take Fortifeye complete plus or Fortifeye Complete macular Defense . Fortifeye Vitamins have over fifty nutrients in it formula that has been revised ten times in the last seven years based on ongoing clinical research. This combination of nutrients is being used by 1000s of patients and doctors all over the world. Dr. Lange recommends if you are on a computer more than two hours a day to use the blu tech lens combined with fortifeye focus once a day. Fortifeye Focus supplement is a combination of lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin that has proven to improve focusing ability and reduce eye strain while working on computer.    Come to any Lange Eye Care location throughout Florida to get a pair of the Blue Tech lenses.  Blutech is the future of prevention here today.

Dr. Michael Lange

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Dry Eye Nutrition by Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist

Dr. Lange checking out the local organic fresh produce in Denmark for his Gluten-free paleo diet for dry eye patients.

Dr. Michael Lange at Napro Pharma Omega 3 factory in Norway

Dr. Michael Lange in omega 3 fish oil lab in Norway.

Dr. Michael Lange optometrist with Lange Eye Care discusses  Dry Eye Nutrition.  We are all plagued with dry eye symptomatology at some time in our life.  Eyes that feel sandy, gritty, burn , tear, itch, fluctuation in vision and recurrent infections can all be related to dry eyes.  Medications, age, poor diet, certain systemic diseases, ocular surgeries, contact lenses , particular job , hobbies and sports can all compound the problem of dry eyes.  First and foremost the typical American diet needs to be overhauled.  Most Americans are eating a diet that is caloric dense and nutrient depleted.  Most Americans are eating a pro inflammatory omega six diet that creates inflammation in the body that can lead to dry eye syndrome.  The quickest treatment for dry eyes is to use a good unpreserved artificial tear like oasis tears plus three to six times a day combined with good lid hygiene.  Warm compress to the eye for ten minutes three times a day while massaging the lid margins will help to break down the clogged Meibomian glands that will create a dry eye.  Lid scrubs once a day with occusoft lid scrubs before bed will also help to eliminate the bacterial and viral flora that clogs the Meibomian glands. The addition of a new preservative free lubricant called Retaine ten minutes after the oasis tears  will benefit the severe dry eyes.  The combination of oasis tears plus and retaine works well together to help replenish the compromised tear film in dry eye patients.  Both of these can be purchased at

Drinking half your body weight in ounces of filtered or spring water is necessary to insure the body isnt dehydrated according to Dr. Michael Lange optometrist with Lange Eye care in Ocala Florida. He also states to stay away from too much distilled or reverse osmosis water do to the lack of minerals and the high acidity of the water. Drink  bottled spring water or well water that has been purified with a carbon filter and uv system.   Dr. Lange states it is ok to drink a few cups of coffee and some new studies prove that small amounts of caffeine is actually good for dry eyes.  Two cups of coffee should be the max then substitute with a good organic non processed green tea. Coconut water is also a great way to hydrate naturally and gain some valuable electrolytes. Stay away from colorful sugary sports drinks do to the potential endocrine disruption tjhat may occur from the dyes .

Dr. Lange recommends patients try to adjust their diet significantly to try to curb the inflammatory response created by the typical pro inflammatory omega six diet.  He recommends patients go on a gluten-free, paleo organic diet.  Dr. Lange states that if patients would simply follow this diet as strictly as possible a good portion of dry eye related symptoms would resolve.  Patients will start to get down to their ideal body weight and their blood chemistries will start to improve.  Dr. Lange also recommends adding some specific nutrients to this dietary lifestyle adjustment.  Adding Triglyceride form Omega 3 in a ratio fo EPA 860 and DHA of 580 (Fortifeye Super Omega) daily combined with 6mg of astaxanthin, 4mg of lutein and a little zeaxanthin (fortifeye focus)  daily to this lifestyle dietary change will benefit dry tired eyes.  Patients must give this three to four months to fully kick in.  Many of these patients will also experience many other health benefits related to these supplements.  Some of these benefits include improved skin health, less fine lines and wrinkles in the face, improvement in cholesterol, triglycerides and c-reactive protein, improved muscle endurance and muscle recovery, sun protection to the skin and eyes and improved focusing and accomadation of the visual system.

Nutrition for dry eyes has become one of Dr. Michael Lange’s areas of passion and he is continuously involved ongoing research in this area. Dry eye nutrition is also an area that Optometrists and ophthalmologists are finally  starting to discuss with their patients do to the enormous amount of continuing education being taught in this area to these eye care providers.  If you have dry eyes and u live in Florida come to any of the Lange Eye Care locations to learn more about Dry eye nutrition.  go to  to  learn more on nutrition for dry eyes.,   and to  learn even more on nutrition for total body wellness go to

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