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Michael Lange OD dry eye treatment without drugs.


Michael Lange OD has developed protocol for the treatment of dry eye that works quite well without the use of any prescription drugs. Dr Lange uses this protocol for all of his dry eye patients.

The Meibomian glands become blocked and the best way to keep them open so they can secrete the crucial outer lipid layer of tear film is to apply heat to the lids one to two times a day for ten minutes while gently massaging the lid margins. Using a warm wash cloth or Dr Lange’s choice is the Bruder Mask. Michael Lange OD also says the addition of a good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil is an important step in keeping the Meibomian glands open. This omega 3 fish oil will reduce inflammation in the Meibomian glands and allow for a much healthier clearer tear film secretion. Dr Lange developed Fortifeye Super Omega that has an EPA of 860 and a DHA of 580 in two gel caps for the natural treatment of dry eyes. learn more at http://www.fortifeye.comnew-omega-3-268x300

A good lubricating eye drop that is preservative free and contains hyluranic acid is Dr Langes choice. The two tear supplements Dr Lange uses mostly are Oasis Tears Plus and Blink tears. Many patients will need the addition of a special drop called Retaine to help replenish the depleted lipid layer until the Meibomian glands start to function properly.



Good lid hygiene is also an important step in the natural treatment of dry eyes. Using a lid scrub like occusoft or cliradex will help to reduce the bacterial flora that hangs out on the lids. Careful attention must be taken when using the lid scrub application to meticulously clean all the debris from the lashes and lid margins. Once the lids are completely cleaned the Meibomian glands will function much better and dry eye symptoms will be greatly reduced.


Michael Lange OD states if these simple steps discussed in the above paragraphs are followed a large percent of dry eye symptoms will go away. most of the things mentioned in the article can be purchased at or at any Lange Eye Care location or your local eye doctor.

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Michael Lange OD talks about Natural Treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eyes.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.


Michael Lange OD talks about Natural treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis and dry eyes.  Most ODs and MDs are prescribing oral and topical antibiotics for meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis. Is this really necessary? Oral and even topical antibiotics have potential unwanted side effects especially if used often.  I have had tremendous success using a combination of  Natural treatments to help eliminate almost all signs and symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis and dry eyes.  Patients appreciate the natural approach to helping them with their condition. If done properly this is extremely effective. Doctors will have to explain to the patients  these procedures in some detail to be effective against their meibomian gland dysfunction  and dry eyes.   If we clear the glands then the glands will secrete a healthy tear film and the dry eyes will go away.  All that is needed is a Brueder mask or hot compress of some type, Fortifeye Super Omega, Fortifeye Focus, a good unpreserved artificial tear  (oasis tears plus, retaine or Blinks) , hydration,  great lid hygiene and proper diet.  To get more detailed information of natural treatments for dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction   go to this link

Michael Lange OD, CNS


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