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John T. Livecchi MD., F.A.C.S., F.S.S.E, Occuloplastic Surgeon joins The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages.

Lange Eye Institute for cataract surgery.

John T.  LiVecchi, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.S.E.E.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Drexel  University College of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of  Central Florida College of Medicine
Vice Chairman, LEITR
Fmr.Director of  Oculoplastics, St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute

John LiVecchi MD, Has joined the team at Lange Eye Care and Associates.  He will be Director of Oculoplastics at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.  Dr. LiVecchi is one of the most experienced oculoplastic surgeons in the country and has done over 25,000 lid procedures.  If you live in or near The Villages and need a great Ophthalmologist that is fellowship trained in Oculoplastics then call 352 753 4014 for an appointment at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages.

John LiVecchi MD , specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face.  Some of the procedures he will be doing at The Lange Eye Institute are : upper and lower eye lid surgeries, forehead lifting, brow lift…

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Astaxanthin and eye health discussed by Michael Lange OD

Michael Lange OD

Michael Lange OD, CNS discusses the power of astaxanthin for dry tired eyes and macular degeneration.  Genotype directed nutritional supplementation is here!

Astaxanthin is a nutrient that is starting to gain popularity due to its amazing health benefits.  I have been utilizing the health benefits of astaxanthin in clinical  practice for over four years now with some incredible success. I have found that almost everyone that is started on Fortifeye Focus ( 6 mg of astaxanthin, 6 mg of lutein and 400 mcg of zeaxanthin)  reports some sort of subjective improvement.  Many of my patients will report improved focusing ability at near and reduction in eye fatigue and eye strain.  many of my patients under 55 yo that were emetropic in the distance are now able to read up close or on the computer with out a spectacle correction. Many studies have proven that astaxanthin will improve accommodative ability in the eye.  I…

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Michael Lange OD, Host of popular 20 year talk show “Ask The Dr”

Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host

Michael Lange OD, has been hosting popular syndicated talk show for over 20 years. The show is all about nutrition and eye care and is called “Ask the Dr”. 


Michael Lange OD, CNS is an Optometrist and a certified nutrition specialist.  He also has degrees in Psychology and Physiological optics. These four  different levels of academic expertise and over 20 years of clinical experience makes him ideal for hosting this type of talk show.  Dr. Lange takes live calls for an hour that deal with eye care and nutritional topics for the entire body.   Dr Lange has expanded to ten locations of Lange Eye Care, Vitamin Company called Fortifeye Vitamins ,  Frame company called Parris optics international and two eye care related internet companies. He states much of his success is directly related to the talk shows he has been doing for two decades.  Dr. Lange’s philosophy of total body wellness through proper nutrition…

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Michael Lange OD develops DNA directed eye vitamins for Macular Degeneration

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye institute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD, talk show host, optometrist and nutrition specialist developes DNA directed nutritional supplements for macular degeneration. Michael Lange OD, CNS has combined all of the latest research into the new line of genotype directed nutritional supplements for macular degeneration by Fortifeye Vitamins. The newest formula is called Zinc Free Macular Defense. The latest research indicates a relatively high percentage of patients with DNA for macular degeneration may progress more rapidly while taking zinc. These new studies also indicate a percent of macular degeneration patients will benefit from supplemental zinc! Dr. Michael Lange states ” Doctors that are making nutritional supplement recommendations for patients with macular degeneration should do a simple in office DNA test to see what category these patients fall in and then make sound nutritional supplement recommendations based on the patients genotype.” Michael Lange OD has developed six different levels of supplements for the macular degeneration patients based on age, weight, level of disease and DNA. The newest formula is called Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense and will be available end of October. Dr Lange has 9 locations throughout Florida that are involved in Genetic testing and nutritional counseling for macular degeneration. learn more about DNA directed vitamins for macular degeneration at . go to Dr. Langes blog at

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Natural Dry Eye Relief by Michael Lange OD, CNS

Michael Lange OD discusses Natural Dry Eye Relief and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction treatment

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.

Dr. Michael Lange founder of Lange Eye Care, Syndicated Radio Talk show host of “Ask the Dr” and Certified Nutrition Specialist has developed four clinically proven steps to give dramatic dry eye relief to the majority of dry eye patients.

1. A condition causing the lids to become quite inflamed,red and crusty called blepharitis is a main cause of dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction. Good lid hygiene is a crucial step in natural dry eye relief. Michael Lange OD recommends cleansing the lids and lid margins with a commercial preparation called occusoft lid scrub. The scrubbing will eliminate much of the bacterial flora that can clog the Meibomian glands. This lid scrub with occusoft will help to reduce the staph bacterial flora that blocks the meibomian glands. If the patient continues to have a chronic red-eye with inflamed lid margins then it could be a form of blepharitis related to a parasite called Demodex. Demodex is a small parasite that reproduces in the hair follicle at night. The demodex may cause lids to become red, inflamed, crusty , and itch ( demodex blepharitis). It is important to wipe the lashes and lid margins with a special pre medicated pad called cliradex right before bed. Cliradex has the demodex killing properties derived from tea tree oil and is extremely effective for the treatment of demodex related blepharitis and secondary dry eyes. Scrub lashes first with occusoft, rinse then rub the Cliradex onto lashes and lids before bed and do not rinse. This combination of lid hygiene will help to eliminate the microbial flora ( staph and demodex) that is blocking the Meibomian glands and causing the dry eyes. The meticulous cleaning of the lids and lid margins with occusoft and or cliradex will improve the functioning of the meibomian glands and help reduce dry eye symptoms naturally.

2. The most important step in natural dry eye relief is proper nutrition. The majority of Americans are deficient in omega 3 with an Omega index score around 4 . Omega index is the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 in blood. Omega index should be over 8 to gain the therapeutic health benefits. Take a good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil with a minimum of 1500 mg of omega 3
The correct dosage of omega 3 will reduce inflammation in the Meibomian glands and improve the tear production. Most patients will have a dramatic improvement in the tear production from the Meibomian glands after starting a good omega 3 supplement. Fortifeye Super Omega gives the ratio of DHA and EPA that has been used in large dry eye clinics throughout the world. Omega index studies indicate that two per day dosing of Fortifeye Super Omega will bring the omega index to an average between 9.1 and 11 in patients under 240 lbs. The goal is to bring the omega index to a minimum of 8. People over 240 lbs may need to double the concentration of omega 3 to get the same results. Most patients with dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction will improve by starting the optimal dosage and form of omega 3 fish oil. However some moderate to marked dry eye symptoms may need some additional nutritional help. Dr. Michael Lange recommends adding 6mg of astaxanthin due to its antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects. Astaxanthin is the hottest nutrient in the supplement business at this time due to its incredible health benefits.
Astaxanthin for dry eye is rapidly gaining a strong foothold in the natural medicine realm. Astaxanthin is a super carotenoid derived from algae. Astaxanthin when added to omega 3 fish oil will enhance the anti inflammatory effects. Astaxanthin will also help to reduce dry tired eye symptoms. Astaxanthin has many other amazing health benefits. I recommend using an organically grown algae called astareal. The combination of triglyceride form omega 3 and 6 mg of astaxanthin will help combat against oxidation and inflammation in the eye and entire body. This combination will also improve circulation to the eye and may indirectly help other eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. One final nutrient that can be added for the more extreme dry eye is GLA from Black currant seed oil. I like a ratio of close to 10 to 1 GLA to omega 3. 140-160 mg of GLA in addition to 1400-1600 mg of omega 3 fish oil is ideal. The exact combination can be obtained by taking two Fortifeye super omega along with 140mg- 160 mg of GLA. GLA has some additional anti inflammatory properties that stimulate series one prostaglandins and aids in healthy tear production. The triple whammy of dry eye nutrition is TG form omega 3, Astaxanthin and GLA. GLA for dry eye when used in combination with omega 3 and astaxanthin works very well. This combination is also great for skin and joint health

3.Meibomian glands may become blocked with time. Meibomian glands often times need a jump-start to help them secrete a healthier tear film. Heating and massaging the lid margins is crucial to unblock the meibomian glands so the glands can secrete the outer layer of tear film. This needs to be done for 10-15 minutes 2 times a day. The use of a warm wash cloth is an inexpensive way to do this but I have found that the Brueder Mask is the best way to continuously do this treatment. This is a mask that u put in microwave for 20 seconds and then Velcro around your face for 10-15 minutes two times a day. While the mask is on the eyes gently massage the lid margins to help un clog the blocked glands. This mask will also help cut inflammation around and under the eyes. The Brueder eye hydrating mask can last up to two to three years without being replaced. This mask is only $25 and makes the hot compresses a very simple and relaxing task.

4. Artificial tears are important to use frequently in initial phases of natural dry eye treatment. Using a good unpreserved artificial tear that has some hyaluranic acid for relief of dry eyes is my first choice. I recommend either Oasis tears plus or Blink to minimize dry eye symptomatology and both have hyaluronic acid in them . Hyaluaronic acid has some anti inflammatory effects and makes these two lubricating eye drops my first choice for dry eyes. For the extreme dry eyes and Meibomian gland dysfunction patients I like adding a special lubricating eye drop called Retain MGD. Retain MGD helps to replenish the outer lipid layer of tear film that may be deficient in Meibomian gland dysfunction patients. This combination helps to replenish all layers of the tear film. Combining oasis tears plus with Retain MGD with about ten minutes in between drops will help extreme dry eyes. These unpreserved lubricating eye drops can be used as frequently as necessary to get dry eye relief.

Michael Lange OD states if the four steps above are followed carefully most people with dry eye and meibomian gland problems will improve. Many people will notice improvements in as little as five days but it will take up to four months to gain the full potential for dry eyes. These steps will in many cases eliminate the need to have more expensive dry eye procedures like Meibomian gland probing, lipiflow dry eye treatment or IPL laser dry eye treatment performed. Dry eye kits including everything mentioned above are available at a discounted price at I recommend all readers of this blog see their local optometrist or ophthalmologist if they have any problems with their eyes. This blog is for educational purposes only. If you are in the Florida area come by one of the 10 Lange Eye Care locations. , Dry eye will affect every one sooner or later in life and a natural approach to treat dry eyes is the best approach.

Everything discussed in this article can be purchased at or u can call 866 503 9746

Michael Lange OD, CNS (Board Certified Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist) 10/07/2013

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