Astaxanthin and eye health discussed by Michael Lange OD

Michael Lange OD

Michael Lange OD, CNS discusses the power of astaxanthin for dry tired eyes and macular degeneration.  Genotype directed nutritional supplementation is here!

Astaxanthin is a nutrient that is starting to gain popularity due to its amazing health benefits.  I have been utilizing the health benefits of astaxanthin in clinical  practice for over four years now with some incredible success. I have found that almost everyone that is started on Fortifeye Focus ( 6 mg of astaxanthin, 6 mg of lutein and 400 mcg of zeaxanthin)  reports some sort of subjective improvement.  Many of my patients will report improved focusing ability at near and reduction in eye fatigue and eye strain.  many of my patients under 55 yo that were emetropic in the distance are now able to read up close or on the computer with out a spectacle correction. Many studies have proven that astaxanthin will improve accommodative ability in the eye.  I…

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