Paleo Simplified, because…what you eat matters


Dr Michael Lange preaches if you want to look good, feel good and be healthy you must eat right!!  When the proper diet is combined with exercise, sleep, hydration and a little sunshine you will be amazed at the positive transformations that can occur in the human body.  Dr Lange states ” I have seen amazing positive changes in ocular health and overall health when patients will actually follow some simple guidelines”  Dr Michael Lange recommends a modified form of a gluten-free Paleo diet for most of his patients. Most Americans are eating a diet that is calorie dense and nutrient deficient.  I want my patients to eat whole unprocessed foods that God put on the planet and not the overly processed fast foods that have become mainstream in today’s society.  Many of the mainstream foods we are consuming are filled with synthetic dyes, trans fats, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics , gmos, artificial sweeteners, added sugar …. just to mention a few of the toxins that are introduced into our bodies daily.   This extremely poor toxic diet is one reason we see so much disease in our society.

Dr Michael Lange has developed a diet that works quite well for loosing weight safely that is a modified gluten-free Paleo Diet.  This diet is great for getting each patient down to their ideal body weight then you can adjust the diet after your weight goals have been accomplished.  Click on this link to take you the The Lange Diet:

One problem with a diet  is the constant hunger that people on diets have and therefore they eat snacks during the day that are filled with empty calories of  excess sugar  and carbohydrates.  Dr Michael Lange is CEO of Paleo Simplified a company that researches and develops  Paleo bars and Paleo granola.   Their philosophy of  “what you eat matters”  is catching on all over the country.  Many people who are pro active in their health are searching for a healthy snack to eat in between meals , pre and post work out or just something healthy and nutritious when they are on the go.  Paleo Simplified energy bars and their Honey Nut Fruit Crunch are gluten-free, whole food, non gmo,soy free, no artificial ingredients and loaded with superfoods. Dr Lange has incorporated Paleo Simplified into The Lange Diet as one of the snack options daily .

Paleo Simplified  currently has 3 energy bars: nutty fruit  bliss, chocolate coconut almond crunch and pecan pie perfection.  Paleo Simplified also has a gluten-free, oat free granola called Honey nut fruit crunch.  These paleo bars and paleo granola can be purchased directly from


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    I don’t eat the Paleo diet but I eat like the Paleo man lol intermittent fasting

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