Dr Michael Lange uses GLA for Dry Eye treatment

Dr Michael Lange has been researching and developing supplements for the relief of dry eye syndrome. He has developed a new GLA supplement from Black Currant Oil that when used in combination with the correct form of TGN omega 3 fish oil helps to reduce dry eye symptoms dramatically. The addition of 140 mg of GLA to a minimum of 1600 mg of TGN form omega 3 fish oil (Fortifeye Super Omega)has helped reduce dry eye symptoms subjectively and dry eye signs objectively. Dr Michael Lange also likes to add Fortifeye Focus to the mix to bring nutritional support to reduce digital eye strain and filter the harmful blue light. Dr Lange says this combination is amazing for the reduction in dry eye, filtering harmful blue light and reducing digital eye strain and fatigue. This combination also has some amazing general health benefits. This complete combination of nutrients will be available by Fortifeye Vitamins in late October 2018. Learn more and order at http://www.fortifeye.com

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