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Dr Michael Lange opens Fortifeye Nutrition Center in Clearwater

 a small selection of Fortifeye Family of products

Dr Michael Lange a board certified optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist will open the Fortifeye Nutrition Center in Clearwater Florida some time in October 2020. Dr Lange has been using a combination of traditional medicine and natural medicine to help his patients since 1992. During this time he has been involved in R&D of supplements, diets, protein bars, energy bars, granolas and much more. He has the Lange Nutrition Center in Ocala and had a Lange Nutrition Center in Clearwater for many years until he sold in 2015. Dr Lange says now is the time to expand his concept back to the Clearwater area. Most small health food stores and nutrition centers have been put out of business by the larger chain vitamin stores. These large vitamin stores can loose the personal attention a locally owned nutrition center can give to the customer. These larger commercial nutrition centers will often times carry a multitude of products with the majority containing GMOs, dyes, soy, carrageenan, sucralose, aspartame , artificial flavors and many other ingredients that may not be to good for your health. The all new Fortifeye Nutrition Center Clearwater  will carry the entire line of Fortifeye supplements and Fortifeye Performance Nutrition line too. Dr Lange and Doc Hall will hand pick the other supplements that will be carried in this Clearwater nutrition center. Only the purest vitamins and supplements that don’t contain any of the potentially harmful ingredients will be allowed in this vitamin store. This will be a unique nutrition center carrying only the highest quality evidence based supplements you can trust.

Dr Michael Lange has been hosting a talk show called “ask the dr” that is viewed all over the globe on social media and can be heard via a multitude of radio stations throughout the country. Doc Hall is a frequent guest and co host of the show as well. Both Dr Lange and Doc Hall will make frequent appearances on certain Saturdays at the new Fortifeye Nutrition Center to discuss the latest in nutrition with customers.

Look for the new Fortifeye Nutrition Center to open at Bayside Bridge Plaza 1520 N. McMullen Booth Rd Clearwater, Fl.

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