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Ultimate Muscle Fuel, Fortifeye Fit for pre workout and post workout fuel

If you are looking for the most advanced evidence based pre workout fuel that is also a post workout fuel then you are at the right place. Fortifeye Performance Nutrition and Dr Michael Lange developed the ultimate muscle fuel called Fortifeye Fit. This is a delicious naturally sweetened and flavored powder that mixes instantly in water or beverage of choice. It was developed to bring the exact clinically studied amounts of evidence based nutrients all in one formula. Fortifeye Fit eliminates the need for multiple cannisters and powders used as a stack to accomplish your training goals. Fortifeye Fit was developed to enhance muscle development, strength and endurance through proper dosages of specific nutrients. It is the first of its type that also brings nutritional support to the ligaments, tendons, joints and skin while promoting a powerful immune system. The ingredients in Fortifeye Fit have been clinically studied and supported for helping to decrease sarcopenia (muscle wasting) and neuro degenerative diseases as we age. It comes in two delicious flavors: strawberry watermelon or fruit punch. No gmo and artificial ingredients like sucralose, malto dextrin, waxy maze, dyes, carageenan , aspartame, soy lecithin or artificial flavors are used in this product. It is super clean and all ingredients can be used in college , pro or olympic events. No banned substances are in this formula. Fortifeye Performance Nutrition is the first in the industry to combine all 10 of these sports nutrition ingredients in the clinically studied amounts into the ultimate muscle fuel that is being used as a pre workout fuel and a post workout fuel all in one container. Many elite , professional and world champion athletes are using Fortifeye Fit for the added nutritional advantage they need. This supplement is also used by anyone trying to get in better shape at any age. The fastest growing segment for Fortifeye Fit is the 50 plus population that wants to continue to thrive and not just survive as they age. To learn more about Fortifeye Fit , Ultimate Muscle Fuel click here :

For the ultimate in post recovery fuel add Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate or Fortifeye Super Protein to the Fit this is called the Perfomance Bundle


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