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Michael Lange OD develops genotype-directed nutritional therapy for macular degeneration

Michael Lange OD, CNS has developed genotype-directed nutritional therapy for macular degeneration patients.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye institute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD, CNS in front of The Lange Eye Insitute in The Villages.

Michael Lange OD has been involved in the research and development of nutritional supplements for eye care for nearly 20 years he has followed all of the studies related to nutrition, DNA and Macular degeneration very closely. He has developed an entire line of genotype-directed supplements for macular degeneration under Fortifeye Vitamins name.

Dr. Langes most recent development is a zinc free antioxidant for macular degeneration patients in response to new study recently published. The newest studies suggest that a percentage of macular degeneration patients with specific genotypes may actually be harmed by taking zinc and some may benefit from taking zinc and antioxidants. The only way to determine whether zinc is good or bad is to have a genetic DNA test for macular degeneration. This is a simple in office DNA test that will determine what particular type of DNA a macular degeneration patient has and allow eye care providers to customize their nutritional regiment. Genotype-directed nutritional therapy could result in significantly improved future outcomes for many patients with macular degeneration. DNA testing should become the gold standard to help the eye care provider determine which supplement is best for the patient. Dr. Lange and other nutritional experts agree that no more than 40mg of zinc should be taken daily. Dr. Lange states this will only enhance patient care for the macular degeneration patient. Any doctors recommending nutritional therapies for their patients with ARMD should make an effort to have their DNA checked. This is a procedure covered by their insurance and medicare. Dr. Lange states “we have been seeing really good response to nutritional therapy for macular degeneration patients over the last 20 years now I expect we will see even better results”.

Fortifeye Vitamins has different formulas that can be recommended based on patients age, weight, disease entity and specific DNA. Eye Care providers all over the world are recommending Fortifeye.

View recent study here: CFH and ARMS2 Genetic Polymorphisms Predict Response to Antioxidants and Zinc in Patients with Age-related MacularDegeneration.

For maximum absorption, these vitamins should be taken in three divided doses with food. Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense can be taken alone or in conjunction with Fortifeye Super Omega-3 and/or Fortifeye Focus. Fortifeye Vitamin formulas have helped thousands through out the world to maintain and even regain their independence through better vision and health. Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense gives hope to many through proper nutrition providing support for healthy eyes and total body wellness.

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