Michael Lange OD develops first zinc free eye and whole body supplement

Michael Lange OD, CNS of Lange Eye Care in Ocala Florida has been in the research and development of supplements for eye diseases for the last ten years. Dr. Lange has recently developed the first zinc free eye vitamin for macular degeneration called Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular defense.  Dr. Lange states that eye doctors need to do a genetic test on their patients before recommending nutritional supplements for their macular degeneration.  Michael Lange OD states that the specific DNA of a person will help determine which antioxidants are beneficial and whether or not zinc is good for the eyes or bad?  Dr. Lange states that higher than 50% of the patients he runs DNA tests on that have macular degeneration are in the need of a zinc free vitamin!  Dr, Lange recommends anyone with Macular degeneration , make sure they have a genetic test done as soon as possible through their Optometrist or Ophthalmologist so they will know what supplemnts are best for their condition.  Fortifeye Vitamins has six different supplements that can be recommended based on weight, disease entity, age and genetic type. Click on the link belwo to learn more.


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