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Ocala Eye Care with a Nutritional Twist.

Dr. Michael Lange optometrist and certified nutrition specialist with Lange Eye Care  brings nutrition to Ocala eye care.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist

Lange Eye Care has grown so rapidly over the last few years because of the  nutritional approach we take with our patients.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist with Lange Eye Care in Ocala Florida states patients are tired of being un healthy and they are looking for health care providers that will help them become healthier without medications or surgery.   Dr. Lange states promoting  total body wellness through life style and dietary changes, proper vitamin therapy, exercise, hydration,  quality rest and a positive mind-set not only helps the general well-being but also has a positive impact on ocular health.  The Ocala eye care arena was the first area Dr. Lange started his eye wellness philosophy and now it has grown to all nine Lange Eye Care locations in six counties.  Dr. Lange  states nutritional eye care is an area that is growing  with optometrists and ophthalmologists.  Dr. Lange is the founder of the Fortifeye Vitamin Company and is involved in endless research utilizing the latest in proper nutrition to help his patients.  Patients come from all over the country to see the doctors at Lange Eye Care for their expertise in nutritional eye care. Dr. Lange sees patients improving with dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration once they learn the proper lifestyle adjustments and modifications.  Learn more at or ,

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