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New One Per Day Multivitamin developed by Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified Nutrition Specialist


New Fortifeye Complete One Per Day professional formula for total body health and ocular support

Fortifeye Vitamins founded by Dr. Michael Lange is constantly involved in ongoing research and development of proper nutrition for total body and eye health. Their newest addition to the Fortifeye Professional line is Fortifeye Complete One per day.  Dr. Lange wanted a very potent one per day vitamin that would act as a multiple vitamin and eye vitamin all in one.   Fortifeye Complete One per day is a culmination of many years of research using vitamins with patients of all ages and all disease types.  This vitamin supplement was developed for any one wanting to gain valuable nutrition through a one pill per day dosing.  This supplement is all natural with no synthetic dyes, trans fats or synthetic nutrients.  This is a combination multivitamin, eye vitamin, vegie /fruit blend and enzymes all in one USP certified tablet.   One of the biggest changes in this one per day vitamin is the addition of Omni Actives Lutemax 20/20.  This is a lutein / zeaxanthin isomer in a unique micro beadlet delivery system that is encased in the tablet. This allows for maximum absorption of the lutein and zeaxanthin isomers. Lutein and zeaxanthin when absorbed properly are beneficial to ocular health.  To maximize the health benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin all beta carotene has been removed which also makes this an ideal supplement for smokers.  Additional Vitamin D3 along with the eight forms of Vitamin e have been added to this new formula.  Nutrients that exhibit anti veg f activity have been added like resveratrol, green tea polyphenols and curcummin to support retina health in macular degeneration and diabetic patients.   Other nutrients to support healthy blood sugars like chromium, vanadium and cinnamon have also been added. Mitochondrial support to aid in ATP production and neuro protection is  covered with acetyl l carnatine, coq-10, and alpha lipoic acid.   Clinically tested doasgaes of  of vitamin c, b complex, zinc, n acetyl cystein, lycopene, citrus bio flavonoids and bromelain have also been added for their many health benefits.  A bio active  High ORAC antioxidant blend using Gogi berry extract, spinach, kale, blueberries, bilberries, cocoa, grape seed extract, manogosteen and pomegranate have been added to increase the ORAC value to  ten times the typical  multivitamin.  All of these nutrients are  in an easy to swallow one per day dosing.  These supplements have been checked carefully in bio availability blood studies to ensure maximum absorption into the cells occurs. To maximize absorption take with a meal and a good omega three fish oil like Fortifeye Super Omega is recommended to take along with the one per day.   Fortifeye Complete One per Day is available at all Lange Eye Care locations in Florida and many eye care practices throughout the country.  You can also go to or call  866 503 9746 to purchase.   Isnt it time you took control of your health with Fortifeye Vitamins?

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Dr Michael Lange Optometrist, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Talk Show Host

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and Talk show host in his studio.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist moved to Ocala Florida March 15, 1993 and started his first practice , Lange Eye Care and Associates.  Lange Eye Care is now one of the fastest growing eye care centers in Florida.  Dr. Lange states his success and rapid expansion is do to hard work, sacrifice, a little luck and being in the right place at the right time.  Dr Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist also states much of his success is do to his live talk show called “Ask the Dr.” that he started in April of 1993 and has been going live non stop via the radio waves ever since.  His show can be heard over multiple radio networks throughout the country and live via the internet almost daily. This show discusses the latest in eye care and total body wellness with a heavy emphasis on nutrition.  Dr. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physcian in the state of Florida as well as a certified nutrition specialist through The American College of Nutrition. He also holds two degrees in Psychology and phsiological optics.   His extensive education and experience allow him to answer the most difficult questions live via the radio shows in a way the audience can understand and appreciate.  People come from all over to see the Doctors at Lange Eye Care based on what they have been hearing on Dr. Langes popular talk show.  Lange Eye Care has locations in Gainesville, Ocala, West Ocala, Summerfield, Citrus Hills, The Villages, Tampa and Clearwater.  Lange Eye Care has become one of the largest privately owned eye care centers in Florida.  Dr. Langes  philosophy of prevention and wellness eyecare has really made his eye care centers quite popular.


Some of Dr. Langes offices are open seven days a week.  Lange Eye Care offers complete optometric and ophthalmological services.  Routine eye exams to the most complicated ocular surgeries are capable at Lange Eye Care.   Dr. Lange invests in the very latest technology to ensure the doctors have the very best for their patients.  Dr Lange states patients come to our centers to get the one on one care and attention they deserve.  We spend the time necessary to go over each diagnosis and every treatment option available.  Lange Eye Care thrives on perfection and superb customer service.  Lange Eye Care was one of the first eye care centers in the country to specialize in nutritional eye care.  Dr. Lange is involved in multiple clinical studies using the latest in nutrition to help his patients.  He believes if u give the body the fuel it is thirsting for you will be amazed at what positive effects can come about. Dr. Michael Lange optometrist and nutrition guru was not happy with the vitamins and supplements that were avaialable over the counter so he started his own vitamin company called Fortifeye Vitamins.  He has reformulated Fortifeye Vitamins ten times over the last seven years based on ongoing inhouse research Dr. Lange is involved in.   In 2012 Lange Eye Care added a research based retina department to the main ocala location. Patients travel  from all over the countrty to Lange Eye Care to have the very latest in medical, nutritional and surgical eye care. learn more at, ,  or call toll free 1 888 781 2020 for an appointment.

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