Dr Michael Lange discusses low dose aspirin combined with omega 3 fatty acids to combat inflammation

Aspirin and omega-3 fatty acids work together to fight inflammation

Source: Cell Press  February 21 issue
Fortifeye Super Omega a great way to help inflammation

Fortifeye Super Omega a great way to help inflammation

 Dr. Michael Lange of Lange Eye Care and The Lange Eye Institute states new science promotes  the health benefits of low-dose aspirin and omega-3 fatty acids at fighting inflammation.    New research shows that low dosage aspirin combined with omega 3 fatty acids help to trigger  production of resolvins .  Resolvins are natural anti-inflammatory fighting molecules produced by omega 3.  These resolvins help to shut down inflammation that is a root cause to aging and many diseases.  This research found that a specific resolvin D3 derived from the omega 3 DHA stays longer at inflammatory sites. These studies  also shows that low dosage aspirin triggers the production of this longer acting resolving D3.  This new science will enable doctors  to study the potential anti inflammatory effects this combination of aspirin and omega 3 will have on the entire body and the eyes.  The root cause to many diseases in the body and the eye is inflammation.  This combination of low dosage aspirin and omega 3 could be a huge  benefit to many  ocular conditions.  Dr Lange  states many of our patients already benefit from these anti inflammatory properties since they are currently taking both omega 3 and a baby aspirin. This combination may prove to be beneficial for dry eye syndrome, uveitis, iritis, retinitis and possibly even macular degeneration since all of these eye diseases have inflammatory components.   Dr Lange now recommends his patients take the combination at bed time or even better if they wake up in the middle of the night.  Maximum effect in the body is usually four to six hrs after taking.  Many heart attacks and strokes  occur first thing in the am, so it makes sense to take it ideally in the early am hrs so it is at maximum concentration upon awakening. learn more at : http://www.fortifeye.com/category/dr-michael-lange-anti-aging/

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    combination low dose aspirin and omega 3 may benefit dry eyes.

  2. #2 by Mark Katsarubas on November 9, 2014 - 7:02 pm

    Great article thanks for sharing Dr Lange. I listen to your radio show and I have gained some valuable insight into staying healthy thanks to you. do you go to the Lange Eye Care Gainesville location??

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      Mark I am at Gainesville Lange Eye Care every other Saturday and some Wednesdays. I hope to see u soon. However all of my docs at that location are excellent!

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