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Michael Lange OD on omega 3 and prostate cancer risk.

Michael Lange OD is the founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and Fortifeye Vitamins. Michael Lange OD has been involved in omega 3 research for many years and has 1000s of patients that have been on omega 3 for many years. Dr. Lange says the recent study called the SELECT study , a study that was designed to look at selenium and vitamin e in prostate cancer has been re evaluated and the conclusions are not based on anything legitimate.   The media has recently condemmed the use of omega 3 fish oil because this study seems to suggest that omega 3 causes prostate cancer.  Dr. Michael Lange states this is ridiculous and reckless!  The study doesnt even know if the study participants were taking omega 3 or eating fish!  in this study the prostate cancer patients had a .2% higher omega 3 than the control group  and they concluded this is a risk for prostate cancer??  There is no cause and effect here at all!  These prostate cancer patients had higher omega 3 than the control group because they have been told by their oncologist, urologist, cardiologist, gp and optometrist to take fish oil! This is simple, no correlation at all. Good studies prove that people that consume more omega 3 are less likely to have prostate cancer !  If this ridiculous theory was correct then the groups of people that consume a lot of fish would have super high levels of prostate cancer, but this is just the opposite they have less prostate cancer. So , bottom line is DONT STOP TAKING YOUR FISH OIL per Dr. Michael Lange!  Omega 3 has numerous postive health benefits. Learn more about a super purified triglyceride form of omega 3 called Fortifeye Super Omega at

Please discuss this with your physician before stopping your omega 3!!

Michael Lange OD, CNS


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